ROX 10.0 GPS

220 Triathlon - August 2015

GPS units, like the 77 x 50mm Rox, tend to be bigger than computers that rely on wheel sensors. But being bigger means there’s more room – not only for more buttons but also (perhaps more importantly), labels that say what those buttons do. Thanks to the labels, using the 67g Rox is an absolute doddle. You simply charge it up, switch it on, format it, give it a moment to tether to a satellite and then off you go. After that your speed, distance, time, route, altitude and temperature readings take care of themselves. It’ll also track heart rate, cadence and power data with additional Ant+ sensors. It’s a bit bigger, heavier and more expensive than the Cateye, but it’s a lot easier to set up. Its speed readings do tend to waver a little, though, especially when you pass under trees.

Plus X Award - January 2015

The ROX 10.0 GPS has been awarded the following quality seals:

- High quality
- Ease of use
- Functionality

SIGMA has launched a new all-round bike computer at the highest level on the market with ROX 10.0 GPS. Appealing design combined with valuable functionality make daily training rides on one hand and great adventure tours on the other hand appear easy to implement. Suitable for every racer type, the ROX 10.0 GPS from SIGMA can be recommended with a clear conscience!

ANT+ Brand Leader Award

SIGMA SPORT has been presented with the ANT+ Brand Leader Award by the international ANT+ Alliance. This award honors outstanding communication about ANT+ transmission technology. In explaining their decision, the international judging panel, which consisted of members of the ANT+ Alliance, stated that SIGMA SPORT communicated and presented ANT+ as a central topic at both the Eurobike and the Interbike in its first year as a member of the ANT+ Alliance.

ROX 6.0 / CAD

RoadBIKE 06/2014

ROX 6.0 scores with an extensive scope of functions and comprehensible operation. Test winner!

BC 16.12 STS CAD

220 Triathlon

At 55g, including the mounts, magnet and fork-mounted sensor, Sigma’s BC16.12 unit is well within range of the lightest wheel-based computers here. It’s also one of the cheapest and for £16 more you can add cadence info to the speed, distance and time readings that the 41 x 55mm wireless computer will display. There’s no option to add heart rate though. It relies on rubber bands, rather than clamps, to attach to your bike, which makes fitting it a breeze. Setting it up and operating it is equally simple, despite none of the four buttons being labelled in any way. The screen’s not that big and it only ever displays two metrics at once (as well as a pace-indicator arrow), so the digits can be kept big, bold and easily visible. It’s a basic unit, but there’s nothing to not like about it.

BC 14.12 ALTI

ebike issue 1.2013

For fewer than 50 euros, the new BC 14.12 ALTI from SIGMA provides a backlight and five height measuring functions: start height, current altitude, altitude gain during the day and total, maximum height. Evaluation: VERY GOOD


Design & Innovation Award 2017

Design & Innovation Award 2017

“If you thought that innovations could only exist in carbon or titanium, then think again. Often it’s the small things that can create the biggest impact; just take the SIGMA BRAKELIGHT, for example.”


BIKE MOTION Award 2016 nominated

BIKE MOTION Award 2016 nominated


BIKE 12/2015

BIKE 12/2015

BIKE 12/2015

BIKE 12/2015


Uitgave Bike & Trekking Magazin 12/2011

"POWERLED EVO" is awarded the "Highlight" title "The new SIGMA POWERLED EVO is nice and compact." No lamp can be mounted as easily on handlebars as POWERLED EVO. The lamp produces a very bright, expansive light. However, with substantial light concentration in the middle. The lamp life is guaranteed very long. Practical: an indicator on the back shows the battery capacity. “

MountainBIKE 11/2011

"The inexpensive Powerled Evo provides a very good overview in trail use, but it often dimmed its light due to overheating. Easy to operate. Is a bit shaky in the helmet holder." Test Result: VERY GOOD


"Anyone on the road in the dark will appreciate the Sigma Sport Powerled Evo. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this LED lamp delivers up to 900 lumens - easily five times the power of its predecessor. Thanks to its special optics, the cone of light is both broad and far-reaching. Depending on the light level, the battery can provide three to eleven hours of uniform, reliable illumination."

RoadBIKE 02/2011

"Bright, bright, Sigma: The Powerled turns night into day and lights up at least sufficiently long. However, the lack of road traffic admission costs it the test victory." Test Result: VERY GOOD


Fahrrad-News 5/2009

"The only bike light with all functions approved for road traffic, which is saying something. It is very light on top of that."


RennRad – TOP PRODUCT issue 11/12 2011

"... RennRad considers Lightster from Sigma to be a perfect compromise for racing cyclists ... Mounted, the lamp shines so much light on the road that you can also practice riding when it is dark outside. …"


Test Winner: Roadbike 1/14

"The visually elegant HIRO, which can be attached with lightning speed, scores especially thanks to its excellent staying power: 60 hours of battery life were the highest in the test. OUTSTANDING 88 points!"



"Good all-round headlamp with sufficient light output. Excellent value for the money!"


"Robust and lightweight all-round lamp"


Plus X Award - September 2015

The RC MOVE has been awarded the following quality seals:

- High Quality
- Design
- Ease of Use
- Functionality

PC 26.14

Runner's World Deutschland issue 06/15

The PC 26.14 is the price-performance ratio winner in the heart rate monitor category in issue 06/15 of Runner's World Germany.

SC 6.12 – Härtetest issue 08/2012

"For technology dumbbells and fans of reduced running, who still want to measure their time in training sessions and competition, the SC 6.12 from Sigma Sport is a great tip. Very easy-to-read display, simple operation and no superfluous functions. Reduced to the essentials, the SC 6.12 will certainly turn out to be a real insider's tip among those who hate exercise analyses, and it has a great price-performance ratio. Suitable for all running routes in training sessions and competition, it is inconspicuous but always reliable. Thumbs up for timekeeping and body feeling without duplicating other innovations on the market."

RC 14.11 03/12

"RC 14.11 is the most complete running computer in the SIGMA range. We like the fact that this model is supplied as a complete package. The heart rate measurement is reliable, and the information about the running course and running speed are in the tolerance range with an approximately three percent deviation. The price-performance ratio is great. Ambitious as well as hobby runners really get a lot with the RC 14.11!"


RC 12.09

STIFTUNG WARENTEST issue of 4/2011

"With pedometer. The clock determines the speed and the distance travelled based on the pedometer in the chest strap. Clearly legible keys. The flexible textile chest strap with relatively thick transmitter is fastened with snaps."

nordic 04/2011

"Excellent value for the money The functions of the heart rate monitor are well thought out as well as easy to read and operate when you are running. Unfortunately, there is no possibility for evaluation on a PC, which is especially important for ambitious runners."


When you're running, there's a lot of information you want to keep track of - and the Sigma Sport RC1209 running computer measures heart rate, speed and distance run, all in a device the size of a wristwatch. Unlike other running computers, Sigma Sport requires but a single speed sensor worn in a chest belt.

A single sensor measures heart rate, speed and distance run Waterproof to a depth of 30 meters Special electrodes are accurate even when slightly wet 11/10

"Sigma Sport is especially targeting running beginners or hobby and recreational runners with the RC1209, who are content with a simple running computer, but do not want do without functions such as heart rate, distance and speed measurement. However, runners miss the capability to measure intermediate times, and this is a major shortcoming. ... Otherwise, the concept of the Sigma RC1209 is convincing, including with respect to the aforementioned price-performance ratio."

PC 25.10


"With bike mount. The display with several indicators is somewhat confusing, but the heart rate display is relatively big. Chest strap with the longest battery runtime. Simple model with the most important basic functions."